Kent Langthaler 7
Uli Langthaler Quartett
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Was born 1959 in austria, studied bass with
R. Hansen at the Conservatory of Vienna.
1987 - 1991 Member of the
Orchester der Vereinigten Bühnen Wien
He playes (played) among others with
R. Österreicher big band, Vienna Bigband Machine,
Concert Jazz Orchestra Vienna, HR bigband,
Sunday Night Orchestra Nürnberg,
Karl Ratzer (LP "happy floating")
Roland Neuwirth (LP "Guat drauf ")
Leo Wright, Ronny Bourage, Billy Harper,
Lev Tabakin, Mike Stern, Frank Gambale,
Harri Stojka, Ack van Royen, Phillip Catherine...
Wayne Brasel (CD "The Note You Left"),
Österr. Komponistenbund (CD "Friends in Jazz"),
Timmna Brauer (CD "Mozart Anders"),
Christian Havel (CD "Three Ladies From Vienna"),
Rens Niewland (CD "Sexy Jazz"),
Heinz Von Hermann Trio, Jazzahead (CD's "Jazzahead",
"life InL.E.", "AStandarTreatment", "Napo And The
Giant Flute", "A Taste Of T")
Concert Jazz Orchestra Vienna ("Continental Call"
feat. W. Muthspiel)
Robert Bachner Qintett (Heart Disc, Travelling Hard)
Uli Langthaler leads a band he calls "BASSLINE" (CD
"U`s Blues " featuring Erwin Schmidt and Joris Dudli
with original compositiones as well as songs by Thelonius
Monk, Oscar Pettiford and others, was released two years ago).
He Co-leads "Kent Langthaler 7", a band consisting of
rhythm section and 4 Hornplayers (CD "Intention").

He is teaching Jazzbass, ensemble and improvisation
at the Konservatorium der Stadt Wien and at the
Landeskonservatorium Klagenfurt.